The best cycling routes in Sardinia: from Perda Rubia to Sant’Antioco

Sardinia is a wonderful land, rich in breathtaking landscapes, history, and culture. One of the best ways to explore it is by bicycle, which allows you to enjoy contact with nature, discover hidden corners, and have an authentic and healthy experience.

If you are a cycling enthusiast, or if you want to try this adventure for the first time, we recommend choosing the southwest of the island, where you will find routes suitable for all levels of preparation and interest. In particular, we suggest starting from the Hotel Perda Rubia, located in the untouched nature of Sulcis, and reaching the Island of Sant’Antioco, one of the most beautiful and fascinating in Sardinia.

From Perda Rubia to Sant’Antioco: the route
The route we propose is about 40 km long and winds its way through paved and dirt roads, hills and plains, sea and countryside. The difficulty level is medium-low, suitable even for beginners or less trained cyclists. The estimated time to complete the route is about 3 hours, but it depends on your pace and the stops you make along the way.

The departure is from the Hotel Perda Rubia, where you can rent a bike and receive all the necessary information for your trip. From here, follow the provincial road 75 south until you reach the junction for Tratalias. Here, turn left and follow the provincial road 78, which will take you to the artificial lake of Monte Pranu. This is a lovely place where you can admire the reflection of the mountains on the water and observe the numerous species of birds that inhabit the area.

Continue along the provincial road 78 until you reach the town of San Giovanni Suergiu, where you can take a break to visit the historic center and the 12th-century Romanesque church. From here, follow the state road 126 northeast until you reach the bridge that connects Sardinia with the Island of Sant’Antioco. Cross the bridge and follow the provincial road 76 until you reach the town of Sant’Antioco, where your route ends.

From Perda Rubia to Sant’Antioco: the attractions
The route we have suggested is not only a splendid naturalistic itinerary but also a discovery of the historical and cultural riches of Sardinia. Along the way, you can visit some sites of great interest, such as:

  • The archaeological site of Monte Sirai: an ancient Phoenician-Punic-Roman settlement located on a hill overlooking the surrounding territory. Here, you can admire the remains of walls, houses, a temple, a tophet, and a Roman forum. You can also visit the archaeological museum that exhibits the artifacts found on the site.
  • The nuraghe Seruci: one of the largest and best-preserved nuraghes in Sardinia, dating back to the 2nd millennium BC. It consists of a central tower surrounded by four smaller towers, connected by a wall. Inside, you can explore the chambers and corridors that span three levels. You can also admire the breathtaking view from the top of the nuraghe.
  • The Island of Sant’Antioco: the fourth largest island in Sardinia, and one of the oldest and richest in history. Here, you can visit the historic center, characterized by narrow streets and colorful houses, the basilica of Sant’Antioco, where the relics of the island’s patron saint are preserved, the archaeological museum, which exhibits artifacts from the Phoenician, Punic, and Roman civilizations, and the Punic necropolis, where you can see tombs carved into the rock. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the island, such as its white sandy beaches, hidden coves, salt pans, and pink flamingos.

From Perda Rubia to Sant’Antioco: tips
To make the most of your cycling experience in Sardinia, here are some practical tips:

  • Choose the right season: the best time to cycle in Sardinia is spring or autumn when the temperatures are mild and the weather is dry. Avoid summer when it is too hot and crowded. Also, avoid winter when it can rain and be cold.
  • Prepare your bike: make sure your bike is in good condition and suitable for the type of route you want to take. Check the tires, brakes, lights, and gears. Bring a repair kit for any punctures or breakdowns. If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent one at the Hotel Perda Rubia, where you will find different models and sizes.
  • Prepare your equipment: wear comfortable clothing suitable for the season. Bring a helmet, gloves, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Also, bring a water bottle, an energy snack, and a map or a GPS. Put everything in a lightweight backpack or saddlebag.
  • Plan your itinerary: study the route you want to take and plan your stops and breaks. Take into account your physical fitness and the time you have available. Don’t overdo it with the distance and difficulty. Inform someone about your itinerary and return time.
  • Enjoy the journey: pedal at a steady and regular pace without pushing yourself too hard. Take frequent breaks to rest, drink, eat, and admire the scenery. Respect the rules of the road and the traffic signs. Be courteous to other road users and the locals in the places you visit.

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